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Are you facing a legal situation right now? Do you feel overwhelmed? You’re in good hands with divorce, child support and custody advice from the Heiman Law Firm in Lewisville, Texas. We offer a variety of professional law services that assist you in your time of need.

When you need a family lawyer, you may feel that your life is hectic, or out of your control. Part of our service is explaining to you where you are in a case, and what to expect, so that you can make informed decisions for your family. That is why we will talk to you about your legal situation FOR FREE in our initial 30-minute consultation. We will answer your questions, and give you a road map for your case, so that you can make informed decisions about your case. You’ll speak directly with an attorney, not an assistant, and we’ll answer your questions in plain language, to help you make the best choice.

Law Services
We are a Texas family law firm representing anyone with family law matters at both the trial and appellate levels. We can assist you with many matters including:

Unique, Results Driven Approach
We have the experience, training, education, and devotion to get results. Unlike many other family lawyers practicing in Texas, we do not limit ourselves to representing clients using only litigation or collaborative law.

Although we are highly trained in collaborative law and have been successful with litigation in the past, we know that different methods work for different cases. There are times to be tough and aggressive, and there are times when the best approach is crafting a mutual win-win.

What to Expect in Your Call

Perhaps you have heard that some people resolve their entire case without going to court, by using mediation or collaborative law, and would like to learn about those procedures, then our conversation will include discussions about:

. How each of those processes work

. When each of those procedures would be used

. The consequences of using mediation or collaborative law instead of going to trial in court

. The costs of each of those procedures

Maybe you are wanting to add to your family by adopting a child. If so, then will discuss:

. What has to be done regarding the child’s biological parents

. The time frames involved in the adoption, and in necessary, the parental rights termination proceeding

. The costs of your particular case

. Name changes

. Child support obligations

. Inheritance rights of your adopted child

Nail on the Head
If a hammer is the only tool you have, then every problem looks like a nail. Different problems require different tools. Make sure that your lawyer has more than one tool to address the many different kinds of family law cases. David Heiman’s flexible approach and multi-faceted legal toolkit provide a zealous, highly skilled advocate in your corner.

A large percentage of our new clients are referred to us by our former satisfied clients. With this in mind, we are aware that our professional success depends largely on our services and are happy to discuss any possible dispute resolution procedures with you.

Options in Resolving your Case
The traditional approach to resolving a divorce case is by trial. The parties file their lawsuits, conduct discovery, and try their case. This method of case resolution is still the most common one used in Denton County, Texas. But, there are other options, which may work better for you, such as Collaborative Law or mediation. We will be happy to discuss with you such “cooperative” methods of case resolution, if you are interested in pursuing a less adversarial course.


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“David Heiman is by far the most trustworthy person and attorney in the entire ordeal of going through a divorce. He stepped in several times for me when I needed an advocate for myself and my children. He takes control of the problems quickly and can read an individual at first glance. His response time is very quick, staff very friendly and his humor helped during a hard time to laugh. I highly recommend him. My kids and I are now safe.” – Former client

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About David Heiman
A graduate of North Texas State University with a degree in Business Administration, David Heiman attended Texas Tech School of Law, graduating in 1989. He has practiced family law since 1991 and lives in Denton County with his family.